Chima Travel has the experience and expertise necessary to ensure the success of your travel program. We will provide the personnel, equipment, materials, supervision and other items or support to perform the management and operation of a Commercial Travel Office for your agency.

Our business information is listed below:
Solicitation Number: FBGT-RK-040001-B , Travel Agency Services - TSS , Contract Award GS-33F-0006R
Effective November 9, 2004

Chima Travel Response
Statement of Work
Pre-Trip Services We will provide travel planning and cost estimating, travel authorization, reservations, and booking.
Fulfillment Services Chima Travel will subject every reservation to our extensive QC review and issue an electronic ticket. If necessary, a paper ticket will be issued.
En Route Services We will provide support in the following areas: changing tickets/itineraries; emergency travel
Post-Trip Services We will provide centrally billed account reconciliation, unused/partially used electronic ticket tracking, reporting, and processing, management information reports.
Hours of Operation These services will be provided during the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:15 p.m. Eastern Time. Services required after these hours will be provided through our toll-free 24/7 service (800-366-2100).
Policy We promote policy compliance, both online and offline, via a variety of strategies, including:
• Travel counselor training and supporting reservation tools
• Traveler coaching during the implementation process
• Point-of-service compliance checkpoints (counselor desktop and online booking tools)
• Mid-office quality control system with compliance checkpoints
• Pre- and post-travel exception reporting
On Site Service We have included the following labor categories as part of our MAS Contract: Site Manager, Lead Counselor, TC1, TC2, TC3, and Support Counselor. We will select the personnel necessary to fully staff and support your onsite travel requirements. Minimum transaction requirements apply.
Reconciliation We will provide prompt reconciliation of centrally billed accounts.
Reporting We will provide standard and custom reports (e.g., pre- and post-trip reporting, travel booking analysis, policy compliance reporting, exception reporting, fare basis, top travel destinations/markets/ vendors, reconciliation reports, and class of service). We will use TRAMS to meet this requirement. TRAMS can generate any reports requested. In addition, we will generate reports on-the-fly and de-liver them via fax or mail.
Ability To Work With eTS Provider We have been in contact with Northrop Grumman Mission Systems {NGMS}, Electronic Data Systems {EDS} and Carlson Wagonlit Government Travel {CWGT} and are fully prepared to support the eTS program as the TMC subcontractor.
Transition Upon task order issuance, we will assign an Implementation Team to review of all aspects of your travel program. With proven strategies to manage the inherent challenges of implementation, this team will ensure a smooth agency transition while providing a solid foundation upon which to build a stronger travel program. This team will manage the overall project and facilitate specific tasks to ensure your satisfaction. Chima Travel will take all actions necessary to ensure there is no break in service during the transition between any previous or successor contractor during phase-in and phase-out of travel operations. Chima Travel understands the importance of minimal-impact transitions, whether that transition involves the transfer of travel services from an incumbent TMC to Chima Travel, or, once Chima Travel is the TMC, the transfer from one type of service to a new form of service. The most important element of a successful implementation is to establish a cooperative relationship between the incumbent TMC and the new agency. By establishing a good rapport, travel records are transferred easily, service is maintained, the incumbent travel agency departs on favorable terms with the client and the new TMC starts off on “the right foot”-a win-win situation. We will provide our complete implementation plan upon task order award, in accordance with the solicitation.
Knowledge of FTR Chima Travel will provide services in compliance with the FTR (including City Pair Program, Fly America Act, Federal Premier Lodging Program, and MTMC Government Car Rental Agreement). As part of our internal QC measures, we ensure that all project management and staff personnel are fully versed in Government regulations.
Customer Service Chima Travel employs experienced travel agents because we know experience makes a difference in the level of customer satisfaction. We prevent problems by using automated custom programming, called “scripts.” Quality Control is given a top priority; Heather Fairchild, Vice President, Government Accounts, and her team are accountable for reviewing each PNR. Quality control has been the key to the controlled and successful growth of Chima Travel. Prompt service, accuracy, use of the lowest available travel costs, and compliance with the rules and requirements affecting our travelers are top priorities. Quality control inspections and verification of all service elements are an integral part of our operations.